ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - With just hours before the deadline to enroll in the healthcare marketplace, some people joining the last-minute push started running problems. So, many headed to area health providers looking for help.

Grace Hill Health Center was just one spot to boost staff to help walk people through the process. Enrollment specialists worked through the weekend, and the center boosted staff Monday. The extra staff came in handy, as the center estimates the number of people looking for enrollment help quadrupled over the past week.

"I had feeling this was going to happen. As the day got closer and closer to the deadline, more and more people started to realize that 'if I don't get on the ball I'm going to get fined.' So the past week has been really, really busy," said Grace Hill enrollment specialist Daniel David.

Since the site was experiencing issues throughout the day Monday, people were allowed to call the hotline and leave their name and number. And as long as they had started the process, they were told they wouldn't be fined if they were not able to finish by the midnight March 31stdeadline.

If you're trying to enroll and still have questions, you can call the below numbers:

-Missouri: Call the hotline at 1-800-318-2596.

-Illinois: 1-866-311-1119.

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