KSDK - If you're an A-T&T customer, you need to know about a phone scam designed to get your personal information or upload malware to your wireless device.

"I received three phone calls," said Marjerie Ivey. "They were all to my cell phone which is an AT&T phone and they were all offers money."

Majorie Ivey could use an extra $300. We all could.

"Each time the amount of money escalated," Ivey said. "It started at $100, then $200, and the last time it was $350."

All she had to do was go to an A-T&T website, put in some personal information, and get hundreds of dollars credited to her AT&T account. Except it's a lie and Ivey didn't fall for it.

"I called AT&T, I called the customer service number to check it out and they said, 'oh yes it's a scam,'" Ivey said.

It's a scam involving fake websites resembling the real AT&T website, with addresses like att620.com, or goatt320.com. The scammers want access to your AT&T account to obtain personal information, or to load malware to your wireless device. They want to rip you off, said Chris Thetford of the Better Business Bureau of St. Louis.

"You give them information which allows your identity to be compromised so that you become a victim of identity theft," Theford said.

These scams affect more than AT&T customers. The Better Business Bureau had a November warning about a similar scale affecting Verizon customers. Thetford's advice: be skeptical of deals that are too good to be true, and protect your private information.

"Don't provide it to the person who has called you, or emailed you, or texted you," said Thetford. "Call AT&T yourself."

That's what Majorie Ivey did, but a lot of consumers don't and that's what the scammers are counting on.

"We are inundated, so it's hard to take time to check it all out," said Ivey.

If you suspect a phone call offer is fake, don't respond directly to that phone call. Instead, call the company and see if the call is legit. And if the phone call directs you to a a website that could be fake, don't visit that website. If you receive a text that may be fake, don't click on any links contained in the text. Report fraudulent AT&T calls to abuse@att.net.

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