ST. ANN (KSDK) - Dozens of St. Ann residents who were kicked out of their homes because of a fire more than a week ago thought they may be going home today. That's what their landlord told NewsChannel 5 crews Saturday. But today, we learned it could be several more days before 161 people from the Santa Ana Apartments go home. And some say they're running out of resources.

City inspectors and the fire marshal spent the entire day inside of the building Monday. They have another full day of inspection Tuesday, and even after that, they're not sure exactly when residents will be allowed back in. And, each day the apartments sit empty, their tenants become more desperate to get back home.

"I don't want to be here, I want to be back in my own home," said resident James Trousdale.

Trousdale is among those staying at the Super 8 where the landlord is paying for a block of rooms. But Dennis Politte is one of several who can't get in there.

"They're booked up solid they say," Politte said.

Dennis is staying at a different motel where the apartment owners picked up the cost of just a couple of nights. But the rest he's been paying out of pocket with the promise he'd be at least partially reimbursed.

I've drained my bank account. I think I have $43 dollars in my account," said Politte.

And money isn't the only issue. Most of the residents at Santa Ana have disabilities or are elderly. So, their apartments are equipped with special accommodations.

"I know everybody's in an urgent manner to get out of the hotel and back into their residence and get their life back together. But we have to make sure everything is safe and everything is done properly before we get to that point," said St. Ann Mayor Michael Corcoran.

So, residents are being urged to hang tight. But many are not sure how much longer they can last.

"We're people with special needs so sometimes it gets to be more than what most people can handle," Trousdale said.

"We just don't have the funds, and don't even really have the funds for meals," Politte said.

Once the inspections are complete it will be up to a team of electricians to give the final ok, since there was water damage inside the building. The city hopes residents will be allowed to move back in Wednesday, but that date is not set in stone.

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