SUNSET HILLS, Mo. (KSDK) - A Granite City woman is dealing with the loss of her young son and daughter. She and her children were involved in a tragic accident near Festus last month. Sunday, her friends organized an event in Sunset Hills to allow the community to show her its support. The fundraiser was to raise money to cover the family's hospital bills and funeral costs.

"It's been a living nightmare," said Aleta Blankinship, who is best friends with Teresa Godwin.

Teresa was taking her children to pick up their new puppy last month when the crash happened on Highway A between Hillsboro and Festus. Four-year-old Bryliegh was airlifted to the hospital but didn't make it. Eleven-year-old Ethan died on the scene. Teresa was seriously hurt. She woke up in a hospital to learn she'd lost both her children.

"It's very unnatural for us to bury our children. It's supposed to be the other way around," said family friend Shelly Digar

Teresa's friends knew they wouldn't be able to lessen her pain…

"We all know that we can't bring the children back," Shelly said.

But they felt the need to do something…

"To show her how much her and her children are loved," Aleta said.

So, they gathered, friends, family members, and strangers to celebrate the little girl lovingly referred to as a 'princess diva' who loved Hello Kitty, and the Granite City student and Boy Scout who always looked out for his sister.

"They were full of life. They were a lot like their mother," Shelly said.

Now, as their mother tries to cope with their loss, her community wants her to know, it's behind her.

"It's been overwhelming the response," Shelly said.

There were two people in the other car involved in the crash. They were hurt but survived. We're told both children were buckled in at the time of the accident.

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