ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – It was quite the scene at the Civil Courts Building Tuesday as August Busch IV, dressed in cowboy boots and carrying a water bottle, came out from the shadows.

He hasn't been seen in this public of setting in about four years, but he emerged from seclusion to defend the company that has carried his family name for more than 150 years.

Francine Katz was the former highest ranking executive at Anheuser Busch, and has filed a gender discrimination suit against the brewery, calling on three former CEOs to testify: August Busch III, Patrick Stokes and August Busch IV.

Busch IV appeared tanned and alert, if not a little apprehensive about court. He has stayed out of the spotlight since the fatal overdose of girlfriend Adriene Martin in December 2010.

A book, "Bitter Brew," talked about the spiral into drugs and mental illness after the sale of the brewery to In-Bev.

On the stand, he wasn't described as the paranoid and tragic figure described in the book. He defended the company and spoke highly of Katz – even when Katz's legal team tried to get him to stumble.

He repeatedly praised Katz, but said he didn't think it was appropriate to give her John Jacob's title or salary.

Jacobs led the Urban League, and served on the boards of Coca Cola and Morgan Stanley. He made $4.5 million to Katz's $1 million.

Testimony resumes on Wednesday, with Katz's side possibly resting by the end of the week.

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