ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Police say a young woman running to catch the Metrolink train on the campus of the University of Missouri – St. Louis Monday slipped, fell and was run over by the train and later died from her injuries.

The day after it happened, questions about the crossing are coming from some students. Could it be safer for often distracted passengers?

Metro has warning signs and a mirror to go along with the bells and whistles on the train -- which the agency says approaches the crossing quieter than a freight train.

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And students say it comes around the corner of a building that creates a blind spot for those not paying close attention.

Abdul Tariq, a senior at the university, and other students say a pedestrian crossing like those found at some other stops would be safer – right angled gates that corral commuters and position them to look down the tracks before they cross.

"You have to cross…and go in a zigzag way so that you have a direct look at the train," Tariq said. "That would be a really good option if we could have that. We have the space for that."

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Both Metro and St. Louis County Police are investigating the accident. And the agency says until those are complete, it can't say if changes are necessary.

"It's way too early to tell," spokesperson Patti Beck said. "There's a lot of work and a lot of information that still has to be gathered before we can decide what, if any, changes should be made at that station."

Beck says Monday's deadly accident is the only one of its kind at the North Campus station. In 2006, a pedestrian was struck but the incident was ruled a suicide attempt.

She says the agency has only received one official complaint about the crossing at that came in response to the most recent accident.

But University of Missouri – St. Louis officials say they are talking to Metro about possible changes to the crossing.


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