ST. LOUIS - The reason why Francine Katz filed a discrimination suit against Anheuser-Busch is because InBev passed her over for a global communications job, A-B attorney Jim Bennett said Tuesday.

This is the third reason the defense has suggested that jurors should deny Katz's claims that she was paid lower than her male counterparts because of her sex.

The first defense explanation was that Katz was no John Jacob, the civil rights leader and confidant to August Busch III. Katz replaced Jacob but didn't take over all of his job duties, including his role as Busch's most trusted senior advisor. Jacob was paid $4.5 million a year, Katz earned about $1,000,000 year.

A-B's defense team used her salary to show she was well compensated for the job she had which they say was public relations. Katz's side has argued she did much more then P.R. They say she lobbied Attorney's General on behalf of the company, testified before Congress, and created anti-drunk driving and underage driving campaigns that saved lives.

In court Tuesday, the defense called InBev's chief legal and corporate affairs officer Sabine Chalmers.

Chalmers testified that during the merger, she told Katz she was being passed over for global communications chief but could be assigned responsibility for global alcohol policy, and it wasn't necessarily a lower level position.

When pressed by Katz's attorney Mary Anne Sedey,

Chalmers said: "It depends on how you define level, that is all I'm saying."

Sedey: "I'm just asking you, she (Katz) would have reported to Mr. Villeneuve, who would have reported to Mr. Fernando Edmond, who would have reported to Mr. Brito, is that right?"

Chalmers: "The reporting lines would have been different, not necessarily that."

Sedey: "Ma'am, did I describe what the reporting line would have been?"

Chalmers: "yes"

Wednesday the defense will call Francine Katz back to the stand and former president David Peacock who reportedly created the tier system showing men on the strategy committee as tier one, while the two women were classified as tier two. Peacock is expected to explain why gender had nothing to do with the tier levels.

Jurors will begin deliberations Thursday.

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