By Derek Hayword

Fort Lauderdale, FL (WSVN/CNN) - There was a bit of drama at the drive through of a Fort Lauderdale Burger King this week.

[Reporter]: "Were you kind of scared of this guy?"

"Yes I was," said employee Tanya Calvin

[Reporter]: "You were scared of him?"

"Yes," said Calvin.

[Reporter]: "But you didn't run."

"No," said Calvin.

[Reporter]: "So why not just let him have what he wanted."

"I just couldn't do it," said Calvin.

Edwin Walker, 31, was clearly confused. The sign at a Fort Lauderdale Burger King reads "drive-thru open," easily mistaken for dive-thru open if you do drugs.

Walker is accused of launching himself directly through the drive-thru window in a desperate attempt to withdraw cash that did not belong to him.

"Sir, I'm homeless and I have full blown HIV," said Walker.

On the other side of the window is Calvin, backed up by Reggie Grayson.

"As she opens up the cash register, the suspect jumps on the hood of the car, dives head-first into the Burger King through the drive-thru window and tries to steal some cash. Once inside, the female employee is able to grab onto him as he is trying to flee with the money. Without a doubt in my mind, the actions of this female employee is what prevented the suspect from getting loose. Without this lady's actions and her quick thinking and grabbing onto his shirt and not letting go, we wouldn't have the guy in custody today. She definitely saved the day on this one," said Detective Travis Mandell.

And let's not forget Reggie's contribution.

"He's trying to make his final push to get out of there, he's getting on his feet and I think the employee realizes this and uses a wrestling move to take him down and slam him back to the ground," said Det. Mandell.

"When I heard her screaming and yelling and carrying on I came up to see what was going on. She was having a little problem so I just helped out," said Grayson.

[Reporter]: "Now they say of course never do that, just go hey take what you want, that's what they all say right?"

"Yeah, that's what they say but I don't know where my mind was," said Calvin.

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