By Dana Kozlov

Romeovile, IL (WBBM/CNN) - Thieves brazenly robbed a 99-year-old Illinois woman and her disabled son inside their own home.

Remarkably, the woman suffered only minor injuries, but feared for her life.

"I figured better not scream or nothing because you don't know what they're going to do," said Ann Budzinski.

Ann turned 99-years-old last Saturday, and even at that age she kept her wits about her as three men forcefully entered her Romeoville home and duct-taped her and her 62-year-old son.

"They pushed me back on this chair here and put the duct tape on me," said Ann.

James Budzinski says one of the men initially came to their door around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday saying he wanted to check the house's water pressure. When James tried to shut the door, he says that man and two others pushed their way in.

"I had a stick there with me that I use when I go out and I was going to hit the guy with it and that's how he grabbed me and he pulled me and I almost fell down," said James.

"Kept tellin' me, askin' me where's the jewelry or safe or I'll kill you and I said we don't have any. We're on Social Security," said Ann.

Mother and son say the intruders were there for about 25 minutes, ransacking the house. They got away with a few dollars and some plastic jewelry.

Ann's arm was cut in the attack, but even at 99 she says, "I feel fine."

One of the attackers actually wore a black baseball cap with flashing lights.

Police also got a license plate number on the getaway car from an alert witness, so it's probably only a matter of time before these robbers are behind bars.

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