By Derrik Thomas

Bloomington, IN (WRTV/CNN) - A convicted killer sentenced to 60 years in jail for murdering and dismembering a woman's body is preparing to leave prison.

Backstreet Ministries is a homeless shelter that has accepted murderers before. It has 28 beds and usually houses 20 men per night, but when asked to take on Robert Evan Lee, it said no.

"We want to be able to minister, and as I said the man definitely needs ministry. But we have to consider the rest of the people who are staying here as well. We have to balance our decisions," said President Linda Kelley.

[Reporter]: "And you determined that he was too violent?"

"Yes," said Kelley.

Ellen Marks, 31, was killed and dismembered in September of 1986. They found parts of her body in Hefty bags in a field at 10th and Summitt. Police are not looking forward to Lee's return.

"It is upsetting. The law is in place. He has been convicted. He's done his time, now he is being released. A lot of people are troubled with the fact that he wants to come back to Bloomington," said Chief Mike Diekhoff with the Bloomington Police Department.

When Lee gets back, all eyes will be on him.

"We have a difficult time placing these people, but our supervision of him will be enhanced because of the notoriety of the crime. The fact that he's been out of prison, I'm sorry the fact that he's been out of society for a good 25 years so we will have him on GPS monitoring which means we will be able to track his movement," said Doug Garrison, a spokesperson for the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Marks' cousin, John Stein who lives in Oregon, is resigned to Lee's release.

"The laws are imperfect. They are imperfect in this situation. We have to suffer the dangers of having horrible people live among us," said Stein.

Lee was given credit for so-called good time, which cut his 60 year sentence in half, plus he had an additional four years lopped off for completing vocational courses.

While in prison, he earned his associates degree and bachelor's degree in business management.

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