By Ryan Hughes

Reading, PA (WFMZ/CNN) - A brawl at an alternative high school in Pennsylvania left two police officers hurt.

The out of control fight broke out just as classes were set to begin.

When it was all over, eight students were sent to jail.

All hands were on deck outside Delaware Valley High School on Margaret Street in Reading. The officers took control of what they call an all-out melee.

"There were some students making threats to faculty and it became a condition that was unsafe within the facility, which required our assistance," said Capt. Damaond Kloc.

The entire Reading Police Department was dispatched. Investigators say it all started when the administration of the alternative school for those with behavioral problems got wind students may be coming n armed with weapons, so the faculty decided to search students before letting them in.

Police say that's when the fights started.

"I just heard a lot of 'stop, stop' and then I saw cops approaching," said Cynthia Linda Agosto, who lives near the school.

Police say some of the teens even challenged officers to fight them.

One officer was cut with a razor blade breaking up a fight, another hurt his knee.

"I just looked out the window and saw police officers chasing a couple students and arresting them," said Nadene Aponte, who lives across the street from the school.

Eight students were carted away in cuffs and taken to City Hall. This comes one week after several students were arrested and two injured in a fight at Reading Intermediate High School.

Most of the students who were arrested have been put in a juvenile detention facility.

Police have filed charges including aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

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