By Jericka Duncan

Philadelphia (KYW/CNN) - A death row inmate in Philadelphia was given a new lease on life Friday.

A judge ordered a new sentencing hearing for 46-year-old Terrance Williams in the 1984 murder of Amos Norwood.

The defense says the murder victim had a history of sexually abusing teenage boys, but the district attorney says that's hearsay and he called this a last-ditch effort to escape punishment.

Terrance Williams' October 3rd execution may not happen. Judge Teresa Sarmina granted a stay of execution and a new penalty hearing.

Sarmina says the prosecutor from the 1986 trial, Andrea Foulkes, was not credible and says Foulkes played unfair games to get a death sentence in the murder of 56-year-old Amos Norwood.

The defense has been arguing the motive behind the murder had to do with a sexual relationship between Williams and Norwood. The prosecution stood by the notion that the only motivating factor was robbery.

Defense attorney Shawn Nolan says he's pleased Judge Sarmina sided with their findings.

"She found that Ms. Foulkes, you know, at the time of the trial, had this evidence and she intentionally misled the jury. She told the jury that Mr. Norwood was killed for no other reason than he was a nice man who picked up this young boy. And that was just not the case. In her own file she had evidence that is exactly the opposite to that and she didn't turn that over to the defense," said Nolan.

Williams' first-degree murder conviction stands.

The judge's decision only affects his sentence, which had been death.

The district attorney says he will appeal the decision.

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