By Justin Joseph

Aurora, CO (KDVR/CNN) - A quick-thinking 8-year-old Colorado girl was able to outsmart two men who tried to lure her into a car on Tuesday.

One word helped save the girl from harm's way.

It's a lesson 8-year-old Breonn learned well.

"I kind of started to remember that I'm supposed to scream 'No!' and just runaway," she said.

While making the short walk to her bus stop, Breonn got one chance to make the right decision. She thinks one single word may have saved her life.

"I was standing at the bus stop and there was a black man and he told me to get in the car and I said no and he drove away," she said.

Police came to the Aurora neighborhood quickly after taking the frantic phone call from Breonn's family. They knew quickly what happened at the corner was equally true and chilling.

"We did have a witness we talked to who said she didn`t see anything today but in the past couple weeks she has seen a green SUV in the neighborhood watching the bus stop so that is obviously concerning to us," said Sgt. Cassidee Carlson with the Aurora Police Department.

Parents got a letter from Aurora Schools which offered them another opportunity to review safety with their children.

"It's bad enough to hear about it on the news but to hear about it at the end of your street it's very scary," said one parent.

You talk to parents like Breonn's mother, and they all have the same thought: Jessica Ridgeway.

"I just think about what happened to the little girl and I didn`t want that to happen to her and we almost lost her," said Breonn's mother, Carlette.

Police are still looking for two suspects.