By Juliette Goodrich

San Francisco (KPIX/CNN) - A man was busted in the San Francisco International Airport allegedly trying to hide drugs in an unusual place.

Something about the passenger tipped off Customs and Border Protection Agents, and what they found was surprising.

Customs agents say passenger Emanuel Amakura ingested 100 pellets filled with cocaine.

Reporter: "So how big were the pellets?"

"The pellets were approximately this big," said Customs and Border Protection Agent Frank Falcon.

Reporter: "So, about two inches?"

"About two inches filled with white powder," said Falcon.

Reporter: "Cocaine?"

"Cocaine," said Falcon.

He was attempting to board an international flight to Japan when he was busted by Customs and Border Protection in San Francisco.

"I would assume the officers, through their observational techniques and experience, determined that something was not right with the way the person was walking and talking," said Falcon.

Amakura was taken to a nearby hospital where he later passed the pellets. The contents of the pellets tested positive for cocaine.

Authorities say they recovered two and a half pounds of cocaine.

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