By Wayne Carter

Germantown, TN (WREG/CNN) - A Tennessee woman was arrested after she punched a 17-year-old-girl in the face in the checkout line at a grocery store.

It's all outlined in a Germantown police report.

A mother, Meredith Phillip Ross, was hauled off to jail for punching a blonde 17-year-old girl at the self-checkout line at a Kroger store.

Police reports say Ross started yelling at the teen, cornering her and punched her squarely in the face, knocking her to the ground.

Customers and store employees saw it all and called 911.

WREG-TV tracked Ross down at her home to try and get some answers as to why she hit the teen.

Reporter: "I wanted to get your side about what happened."

"I am not interested," said Ross.

Germantown police did say Ross hit the girl because of a long standing fight between the girl and Ross's daughter. She felt her child was being bullied and apparently took it into her own hands.

"I don't think that's appropriate. I think we should go through the proper channels," said psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Hamsley.

Dr. Hamsley says parents will do anything to protect their kids. When you feel like they're being bullied you must act appropriately, as difficult as that might be.

"When humans lose their temper it's because they've lost control. Someone else has more control of the situation. It sounds like this mom got a little fired up and acted out," said Dr. Hamsley.

Parents of the teen victim said they're doing everything they can to protect their own daughter and are looking forward to their day in court.

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