By Dick Brennan

NEW YORK (WCBS/CNN) - A mystery gunman got away just as fast as he committed the crime, police in New York say.

Now one man is dead and another man is presumably on the run.

It was a cold-blooded execution.

Police say the 31-year-old victim was walking on West 58th Street near 7th Avenue when a gunman came up behind him and fired one shot, killing him.

"One loud shot, we were all standing right here, and we were all scared to death, we saw the guy lying on the floor," said witness Benny Harris.

"He wasn't dead right away, like he was like he was still shaking, that's when called the cops," said another witness, David Mirambeau.

Mirambeau, a UPS worker, was just five feet from the victim when the shot was fired.

"It especially shocked me, especially in this kind of neighborhood," he said.

But despite being so close, neither Mirambeau nor the other people standing nearby got a glimpse of the shooter or even his getaway.

"No one seen the person that did it. Whoever did it was like, he was a ghost," said a witness named Bernard.

Police say after shooting his victim, the gunman calmly walked a few feet, got into an awaiting Lincoln, and drove down 58th Street.

Police say they are examining videotape of the incident. Police have identified the victim asBrandon Lincoln Woodward from Los Angeles. Authorities say he has a criminal record.

Meantime, people who work in the neighborhood are still in shock.

"It's kind strange and scary; 18 years and nothing like this," said Yvette Chaplin, who works nearby.

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