By Alex Tomlin

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE/CNN) - A former Congressional candidate from Albuquerque is accused of playing dirty politics.

He was caught on camera slashing his opponent's tires.

"This back one there's only one hole, which is not his norm. Normally he stabs them multiple times," said an unidentified woman.

Stabs 'em. That's what Janice Arnold-Jones and Rhead Story say former Congressional candidate Gary Smith has been doing.

Surveillance video led to Smith's arrest for slashing his former rival's tires on multiple occasions.

Just this weekend he was let out of jail but told away from Arnold-Jones, which makes what she claims happened even more disturbing.

"Sure enough I went and rewound the tape and there he was," said Arnold-Jones.

She says when her husband went to get the paper Smith was right outside their door. She says Smith drove away, but that's little comfort to her.

"I think he needs to be off the street. I think he's creating a lot of damage but will that escalate to hurting people? I don't know but I don't want to take a chance," said Arnold-Jones.

She's not the only one worried.

"I'm scared for my children. I'm scared for you know, everyone else who's involved because something has gone wrong," said Smith's former campaign manager, Rhead Story.

Story believes the retired Army sergeant slashed three of his tires. Over the last six months he's had to replace 54 slashed tires.

But the last attack took things a step further.

"The power steering fluid was punctured and the windshield wiper hose was ripped out. We think he could have been going for the brake lines we don't know," said Story.

Smith is charged the felony vandalism and could face more charges. He says he is shocked about the allegations and doesn't know where Arnold-Jones lives.

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