By Kylee Cruz

SPOKANE, Wash. (KXLY/CNN) - A couple isn't just puzzled over who tried to break into their home, but why the would-be-burglar made the attempt without wearing pants.

"Once we saw the image we were like OMG. I couldn't believe my eyes," said homeowner Dianne Lavalley.

Dianne and her husband, Todd, didn't spend their Sunday morning reading the paper and relaxing in their home.

"It was 6:41 in the morning, Sunday, and the dog was barking like crazy," said Dianne.

Someone was trying to get in their home. The man took off though, and the Lavalleys didn't get a good glimpse of him.

But when they went back through their security camera, they saw a lot of him than they expected.

"We were just shocked when we first found the image. It was shocking that there was actually somebody there with their pants on their ankles," said Todd.

You could call it a pant-less Sunday morning delivery. The picture now has everyone talking.

"Everyone that has seen it goes, this is not real is it, and it's like yes, that is a real shot from Sunday morning at 6:42," said Todd.

"We wouldn't make this stuff up," said Dianne.

Todd laced up his running shoes that morning. The snow was fresh from the night before, so he started following the man's tracks to see where else he'd been.

"Basically he was just doing a zig-zag through the whole neighborhood. All the way down toward Manito," said Todd.

He said the man must have approached at least 20 homes.

"I still can't wrap my head around it, it just makes no sense," said Dianne.

It's creepy because it's not every day you wake up to this Sunday morning surprise.

Thankfully, the Lavalley's home was locked and the camera was in the right spot.

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