By Blair Shiff

AURORA, Colo. (KUSA) - The start of the preliminary hearing for the Aurora theater shooting suspect has brought up so many dark memories for victims and their families and friends.

Chantel Blunk, the widow of Jon Blunk who was killed during the July 20 shooting rampage, spoke to 9NEWS regarding what she thinks of the suspect and what she is experiencing.

"It's upsetting; it's sick," Chantel said. "Like, how can you plan these types of things. This is something - you're preparing to take people's lives. How can you be OK with that? You had months."

Chantel commented on the fact that the shooting suspect has been just sitting there - seemingly without emotion.

"How could you just sit there and not look at anybody and make eye contact?" Chantel said. "You should at least admit to it and look at everybody."

Chantel does not think the suspected shooter is mentally ill.

"No, I think he's in shock [for] what he's done," Chantel said. "You had all of that time to plan it, write it, talk about it. I think he's faking it. I think he wants to stick to it because he knows what he's done."

Chantel said it was horrifying sitting in the courtroom on Tuesday and hearing the 911 calls made that tragic day.

"You can hear the noise in the background," Chantel said. "You can hear people screaming. So, it makes you imagine it a little more, and it's something you don't want to imagine."

Chantel said she does not want to think people are bad, but it is upsetting to think there are people out there who may want to harm others.

"I don't think I'll ever have closure," Chantel said. "I'm there to represent my husband [Jon and] my kids. He's not going to break me. He's not going to get any emotion from me."

Outside, during a lunch, 17-year-old Yousef Gharbi says he wanted to see the man who shot him in the head.

"I just wanted to look into his eyes, see what I could read from as a person," he said.

Gharbi is amazed to learn about the sophistacted explosives in the suspects apartment.

"James Holmes had so much talent to him, and he just threw it all away to kill people," Gharbi said.
Theresa Hoover, whose son, AJ Boik, was killed in the theater, says she's trying to find something.

"I'm trying to not necessarily accept what happened. I still don't get it. I don't understand," Hoover said.

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