By Laura Cole

STOCKTON, Calif. (KOVR/CNN) - A shower shock: a teenager spooks an alleged burglar by hiding out in the shower of her home.

Not only was she shocked when he barged through the bathroom door, but so was he.

Sophie Castaneda was just getting ready for school Tuesday morning when someone wouldn't stop knocking on the door.

"I heard glass breaking," she said.

Someone broke the family room window, so Sophie bolted to the bathroom.

"I was scared and I was just like in the shower hiding and then um the people came to the door and they started trying to open the door but I locked it and at that point I was laying down the bathtub shaking like a lot," said Sophie.

But the burglar didn't give up trying to get in.

"I was thinking that I was going to die, I was thinking what my mom would be thinking if she found me dead in the bathtub," she said.

And once the bad guy got into the bathroom, "Would not stop staring in my eyes, just looked in my eyes," she said.

Sophie says the guy stood there for about five seconds, then left and escaped out the back door. That's when she called 911 and her mother.

"When I saw this is when my heart just dropped and that's when I just had to hug Sophie, just give her the biggest of hugs because this is a violent act," said her mother, Nikki Castaneda.

A violent act that's left Sophie terrified in her own home.

Even though the emotions are still raw, Sophie's bravery is nothing short of extraordinary. A 13-year-old in the most frightening situation of her life, handling it better than many adults.

"I have told her over and over how proud I am," said Nikki.

Sophie hopes that her story inspires other teens if they are ever in a similar situation to do the same thing.

The suspect is still on the run, and this is the second time in three months that the family's home has been broken into.

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