By Jennifer McLogan

LATTINGTOWN, N.Y. (WCBS/CNN) - Police in New York hope a victim's belongings will lead them to details about who they are and how they died.

Do you recognize the gold necklace and pendant stamped 24 karat in the video above? Police say it could signify "the year of the pig" and right now is their only link to the victim.

"Twenty-four karats is big in the Asian and Indian community jewelry stores," said Det. Lt. John Azzata with the Nassau Homicide Squad.

"I walk here every day, almost every day, I should say, and I never see anything unusual. I'm shocked, really," said resident Frencesco DiLillo.

DiLillo is on edge, and so are many in his gold coast enclave of mansions and millions.

Human skeletal remains with obvious signs of trauma, believed to be those of a female aged 20-30 were unearthed in Lattingtown at the far northern tip of Sheep Lane.

Police say a local resident walking along the beautiful stretch of sanctuary and preserve stopped as her dog sniffed the sand and then, proceeded to dig up a bag containing human bones, women's slacks, and undergarments.

The mystery unfolded not far from the exclusive Creek Club, and a horse farm where young men work and live.

"I can't believe that we had no idea, it was right in our back yard," said resident Ozzy Qunitinilla.

"We could have walked right past it, and wouldn't even know. Creepy a little bit," said resident Andrew Manning.

Investigators hope the medical examiner can determine the victim's gender, age and cause of death.

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