By Joanna Small

GALENA, Mo. (KSPR/CNN) - Authorities are investigating the murder of a Michigan couple at their vacation home in Missouri.

Two suspects are in custody, caught at the scene by neighbors.

Jack Martin got the news on his answering machine.

"There were messages on my phone from Rick at Trace Hollow Resort," said Jack Martin. "First message was it was looking like somebody was taking stuff out of the house like a burglar. I listened to the next message and he said call me right away, something bad's happened."

That something bad was something even worse than he imagined. His neighbors were dead, killed by, he believes, two men who broke into their house and also his.

"I couldn't tell that there was anything gone but there were burnt marks on the rug, which was really weird," said Martin.

Two Stone County deputies responded to a suspicious activity to 911 call to find the elderly man and woman dead, but not alone.

"My deputies arrested suspects on scene," said Sheriff Doug Radar.

That's all Radar is willing to say right now.

"At this time we're still in our preliminary investigation," he said.

Which continues, out of sight on the eerily quiet Trace Hollow Road.

"Some of them are just seasonal, but most of them on this block live here full-time," said Martin.

Martin does not live there full-time, but he knew the couple who did. He's grieving for them and wondering why.

"It doesn't make any sense that even a burglary would have to result in something like that," said Martin.

The sheriff is not yet disclosing how the victims were killed.