By Laura Nichols

OTTUMWA, Iowa (KCCI/CNN) - Prosecutors say they will seek a new trial against an Iowa man accused of shooting and killing his pregnant wife.

A judge declared a mistrial in the case against Seth Techel after the jury deliberated for almost four days.

The courtroom was so quiet Friday morning you could hear a pin drop, as family and friends waited and wondered: did the jury finally have a verdict?

After almost four days of deliberations the juror told the judge they could not and never would be able to come to an unanimous decision they were deadlocked.

"The motion for a mistrial made by the defense this morning, unresisted by the state, is hereby granted," said Judge Dan Wilson.

And with that, the judge made it official; the jury was hung.

Lisa's Rechel's family couldn't hold back their tears and devastation.

"Of course we're disappointed in what happened but I think the whole family's confident moving forward that justice will be served," said her father, Todd Caldwell.

The state says it will retry Seth Techel for first-degree murder, and also thanked the jurors for their diligence in the case.

"They worked extremely hard. We thanked them. I know it was difficult for them. Unfortunately, they weren't able to reach a unanimous decision," said prosecutor Andrew Prosser.

The jurors left the courthouse quickly, most of them in tears and unwilling to give any explanation.

"It's hard to know it's out of your control and you've just got to leave it to other people," said Todd Caldwell.

Family and friends hugged Lisa's parents afterwards, everyone banning together in their shock and support.

"We found that we have more friends than we ever realized. Lisa had many people that loved her and they've stepped up and taken us in their arms too, so I don't think we could've went through this without them," said Lisa's mother, Tracy Caldwell.

The state has 90 days to file for another trial.