ST. LOUIS COUNTY – A Normandy police officer was injured while chasing after men with weapons in the community of Beverly Hills in north St. Louis County.

Police were called to a liquor store on Natural Bridge Road early Tuesday evening for a report of five men with hoodies on and scarves wrapped around their faces. The caller said the men had guns and were walking around outside of the store.

When officers arrived at the scene the men were still outside the store, which had not been robbed. When the men saw the officers, they scattered, running across Natural Bridge and into a nearby neighborhood.

Officers ran after the men and apprehended one of them. A K-9 apprehended another. Neither suspect had a weapon at the time of capture. One of those men was released after police determined he was not involved in the crime.

During the foot chase, an officer slipped on ice and hit his head. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment and was released a short time later.

Officers are continuing to search the area for the remaining four men who police believed are armed. Police are also trying to track down the person who called 911.