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ST. LOUIS COUNTY - Ignored pleas for protection, leading to a fight where students, a parent even a principal were under attack. That's the claim two school districts and police are investigating after a fight broke out at Normandy High School Thursday night.

The fight was after a basketball game outside a gym. Fights, unfortunately, break out all too often at schools. What makes this different is that not just kids, but adults saw it coming and say they practically begged Normandy High School's security to keep the peace. But they say the guards would not help and people got hurt.

Aside from her obvious swollen eye, 17-year-old Justice Perkins says she has bruises and scratches all over her body when she says she was attacked by an angry group of Normandy High School students.

Perkins, who attends Jennings High School, was at Normandy with friends, a parent and the Jennings Principal for a boys' basketball game between the two schools. She says a group of Normandy kids, still angry about the girls' basketball team's loss to Jennings the night before, started taunting them during the game.

When the game was over, seeing those angry kids waiting for them, a mother and Jennings' Principal asked Normandy security if they could leave from another exit or wait inside the gym until the crowd went away. They say the guards refused and when they exited, they were jumped.

Justice says she was attacked three times before she could get away. The parent and principal were also shoved.

"I was getting stomped by a boy with dreads, like he was kicking me in my face," said Justice.

Kendrea Holliday is the parent of another Jennings student who was attacked and she herself was shoved to the ground.

"Everybody that wasn't doing their job, I just hope that they are held accountable and the actions to remove them or whatever needs to be done or taken," she said.

Both school districts are investigating, although a Jennings District administrator says it appears their students were attacked and not to blame.

Wellston police are also investigating.

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