ST. LOUIS - For the second time in the past two days, St. Louis police opened fire on a suspect.

The latest happened Thursday night following an armed robbery in north St. Louis. The robbery suspect is alive in stable condition. Police say they opened fire only after the man fired at them first.

Officers say it started with an armed robbery at a market just around the corner from Central Patrol police station on Jefferson and MLK. An employee of the store flagged down an officer on his way to work to tell him a man was holding a gun to the owner's head.

When police arrived, the armed man was in a car. Officers chased him to Palm, where police say he got out and fired several shots at the police pursing him. Officers shot back, hitting the man at least twice.

Just the day before, St. Louis police shot and killed a suspect who pulled a gun on them.

"In each case, you had a suspect who was armed with a handgun," said Captain Michael Sack. "In each case, that suspect elected to point that weapon, or in this case fire shots at officers, putting them in fear for their safety and those officers certainly have a right to defend themselves."

There were four officers on the scene, police say three had clear shots and fired. Investigators found a gun and a large amount of cash on the suspect.

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