HIGH RIDGE, MO. – There's a warning for parents and residents who live around Brennan Elementary in the Northwest School District in High Ridge.

A couple of young con artists have been praying on the community's kindness.

According to the school principal, a young couple, perhaps in their teens perhaps a bit older, have been knocking on people's doors saying they are raising money for a fourth grader at Brennan Woods Elementary who has a brain tumor. They even have a picture of the girl and are asking for money to help with medical expenses.

But this weekend they knocked on the wrong door. That's because a fourth grader lived at that home and told his mom that there was no way the couple's story was true.

The mom alerted the principal, who put out a letter to the entire school, and then more families said they were hit up too.

The principal wants the community at large to know about these scammers and she's also brought in the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

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