JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – A man wanted by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office for terrorizing a woman during a home invasion has been taken into custody.

Michael Murphy, 39, of St. Clair, Mo., is charged with robbery after allegedly entering a woman's home through a rear door in the middle of the night, holding a gun to her head, and pulling the trigger several times.

The gun did not fire, and police say Murphy ran out of the house after taking cash next to the victim's bed.

A manhunt was initiated, and deputies with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office combed the area for Murphy, but did not find him.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office received a call Friday afternoon about a suspicious person. When deputies arrived at the location, the determined the man was Murphy, who appeared disoriented. He was taken into custody and returned to Franklin County.

Murphy's bond is set at $250,000.

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