ST. LOUIS - The mother of a convicted armed robber said prosecutors have the wrong man in jail. His lawyer, Bob Ramsey, says the man who killed a former star volleyball player, Keith Esters framed his client, Cornell McKay.

Ramsey said, prosecutors used a witness identification to convict McKay.

"It hurts more than anything," said his mother Adriane Smith.

McKay was convicted for a robbery on North Boyle and Lindell in Aug 2012.

A woman said a man held her at gunpoint and took her cell phone and $50. She identified McKay from a photo lineup. Ramsey said she also identified Esters.

"According to homicide detective Jackson, he [Esters] was in the area when the robbery occurred. He knew who did it, and it wasn't Cornell," said Ramsey.

Ramsey said Esters also admitted he did the robbery to his girlfriend. Ramsey said he's going to court next week to ask a judge to reconsider the conviction.

The circuit attorney sent NewsChannel 5 a statement saying, "As prosecutors, it is our goal to seek justice in all cases. As such, it is our responsibility to review all information regarding a case in our jurisdiction before the courts. If anyone, including defense counsel, has information related to this matter we encourage them to talk to police and/or prosecutors. However, we refuse to litigate this case in the media, and we will address these and other issues in a court of law."

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