OCALA, Fla. - Ocala Police say they're getting closer to catching the woman who used a stolen credit card to buy $400 worth of this hair inside this beauty supply store.

Ocala police say they've been getting numerous tips after a 21-year-old employee got suspicious and snapped her picture.

It's been exactly one month since 74-year-old Josephine Lupo had her wallet stolen at this Ocala Walmart.

But now, police have a huge lead: This picture of a smiling woman posing with Lupo's stolen credit card. It spread quickly across social media, including our local 6 Facebook page.

She spends a lot of money in here.

Abdel Kaysem said the woman is a regular customer but grew suspicious after she showed a credit card but didn't have a matching driver's license.

"She kept saying 'you know me, you know me,' and I said, 'we know your face, we know that you come in here and you're friendly, but we don't know your name so I'm not gonna take your card without ID.'" Kasem said.

So he asked to take her picture.

"I thought that would scare her into saying I don't want this anymore, but you saw the picture she smiled for it," he said.

The picture surprised Lupo too, because she says the woman who took her wallet was not African American.

So now police are hoping this picture will help lead them to whoever else was helping her steal.

"I'm gonna put all my credit cards in a vault," Lupo said. "I wanted them in jail."

According to this report, there may be even more evidence for police: There's surveillance video that shows the woman using a stolen credit card to buy gas.

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