KIRKWOOD, Mo. (KSDK) - Some parents in the Kirkwood School District want to know why they weren't told sooner about Tuesday morning's lockout at Kirkwood High.

A custodian called 911 to report possible gun shots just before 6 a.m.But the district didn't send out official information until 7:13 a.m., long after news stations and social media had picked up on the story.

A school spokesperson says the response was delayed in order to make sure district leaders had the most accurate information.

"We wanted to talk to the police department before we sent out anything," spokeswoman Ginger Cayse said. "And as soon as we talked to the police department that's when Dr. (Michael) Havener sent out the phone message."

Cayse also posted a message on the district's Facebook page around the same time.

In the meantime, many students and parents showed up to the school expecting a normal day. One parent replied to the school's Facebook post saying "Calls needed to come before kids got on busses – now my daughter is stuck on the bus."

The noise heard by the janitor turned out to be a box of light bulbs crashing to the floor, and school resumed about an hour late.

Cayse says the majority of feedback from parents was positive, but she's looking at this situation as a learning opportunity for the entire district.

"You always go back and reflect on things that you did that you could've improved upon and been a little more clear in your messaging or instructions."

The district will be sending a survey to parents to help improve their communication policies.