ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) – A sixth-grade student in the Ferguson-Florissant school district has been suspended after bringing a BB gun to school last week.

According to a letter from Walnut Grove Elementary Principal Julia White, the student brought a neon green airsoft BB gun to school, and it was later recovered in the principal's office. Students cannot have, transmit or handle a weapon, even something that looks like a weapon such as a BB gun or pellet gun, according to the district's code of conduct.

Parents weren't notified about the situation until this week due to an administrative oversight, according to a school spokesperson. A formal letter, which can be seen below, will be sent to parents Wednesday morning, as the district closed for a snow day Tuesday.

The sixth-grader has been suspended for 10 days and is facing a disciplinary hearing.

See the letter to parents below.

Dear Walnut Grove Elementary School families,

This letter is to inform you of an incident that occurred at our school last week. On Tuesday, January 14, a sixth-grade student brought a neon green airsoft BB gun to school. The student was brought to the principal's office where the item was recovered, and local police were contacted to investigate. The student was immediately suspended for 10 days pending a disciplinary hearing.

According to the Ferguson-Florissant School District's Student Code of Conduct, students may not possess, transmit or handle any weapon or anything that looks like a weapon, including BB guns or pellet guns on school grounds or at school events. Any violation of this policy will result in an immediate 10-day suspension and a disciplinary hearing to determine further action.

We are very sorry that this incident was not communicated to families on the day that it occurred or on the next school day, as is our District's standard practice. We believe strongly that honest, open communication among students, families and staff is one way that we can keep everyone in our school safe, and in this case we did not share information with you as quickly as we should have. Please be assured that our students' safety is our top priority, and that in the future we will ensure that we communicate any news that impacts our school community in a timely manner.

Please take this opportunity to discuss with your child our school's rules about items that may not be brought to school, and encourage them to report any unsafe situations.

If you have questions or wish to discuss this matter, please contact me directly at (314) 524-8922.


Julie Whyte


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