ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - Community members from the Normandy School District will be in Jefferson City to fight for the future of their schools Wednesday.

Members will leave St. Louis at 9 a.m. and stage a civil protest at the offices of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Advocates are concerned the state is not seriously considering the district's reform plan.

Normandy is facing an uncertain future after losing accreditation last year. The district is spending $1.5 million per month to send their students to other accredited area schools.

The House Education committee will hold hearings on two separate bills to help districts such as Normandy. One bill looks at limiting the amount a receiving district could charge when a student transfers from an unaccredited district.

The other plan would cap the amount of tuition a receiving school could charge at $10,000.

DESE released a statement Wednesday morning, which can be found below.

We, too, want to keep Normandy strong. We believe children in Normandy deserve access to high quality schools in their community. We are doing everything we can to ensure that can happen.
Normandy School District submitted its reformation plan on February 4. That plan, along with others received by the Department, was shared with the State Board of Education prior to its February 10, 2014, work session and regular meeting on February 18. The Department used the Normandy plan, along with others submitted, as part of the development of the MSIP Support and Intervention Plan approved tentatively by the State Board of Education at the March meeting.
We look forward to getting the recommendations from the Transition Task Force. We will continue our work with legislators to secure legislation to address concerns with the existing transfer program. Once the legislature has adjourned, the Department will develop a recommendation for Normandy.
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