Boynton Beach, FL (CNN) - A man imprisoned for decades for dealing drugs is now free, and promoting drug legalization in Florida.

And Robert Platshorn is taking his case for legal medical marijuana to a surprising group: senior citizens.

"If you can go to bed with a smile, you're so much better off."

In the package you just saw, the man trying to get pot legalized is not a doctor.

He describes marijuana as a medicine that can't do you any harm and says no one has ever died from it.

On the National Institute of Drug Abuse's website, it says it's very unlikely someone could overdose and die from marijuana.

However, the government agency warns that users can experience panic attacks or psychotic reactions -- and people can and do injure themselves because of marijuana's effects on judgment, perception, and coordination.

In addition, the National Institute of Drug Abuse warns pot can harm the lungs, and impair short-term memory and verbal skills.

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