By Jennifer Leslie

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (WXIA) - Working out without the work. Sound like a dream come true?

Well, those who have tried "goga" say they're seeing results.

Karin Holben considers herself a skeptic, but she is sold on a new kind of workout.

"I think I've missed one day since I started coming, and I feel amazing," she said.

She's become a regular at the first studio in metro Atlanta that's dedicated to goga, which stands for get on, get active.

The key is this whole-body vibration machine.

"As the platform moves, it throws your body off balance just a little bit so your muscles contract, so you get about 4,000 to 6,000 muscle contractions in a 10 minute session," said Lorie Scheer with GOGA Studios.

It's designed to produce the same results as if you spent an hour at the gym, with an emphasis on toning and strengthening.

"The biggest part for me which totally thrilled me was I lost an inch off my hips and my waist and my chest, in a month," said Loria Jamrok.

And that's not all. Clients said goga gives them more energy and even helps them sleep better at night.

"Your circulation increases, your lymphatic system is stimulated so your toxins release, it helps to improve bone density, it's kind to the joints, there's no impact," said Scheer.

Goga studios are beginning to open across the country, and the company cites decades of research that show whole body vibration works. In this studio in Alpharetta, it's catching on.

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