ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Norovirus has attacked nearly half of the roster of the St. Charles Chill hockey team.

The team got sick after a charity event at Harvest Lanes Monday night. Other people attending a party at the same bowling alley on Saturday also got sick.

The St. Charles Health Department suspects they all have the norovirus. The symptoms include nausea and fever. It's highly contagious and most often connected to illness on cruise ships.

Staff at Harvest Lanes has disinfected everything.

The hockey team isn't practicing, and hope they are better before the next game, which is scheduled for Saturday.

"The health department came back in to see what we've done we look good we've done everything we can possibly do to kill a bug," said Terry Rollins.

"I'm such a wimp because I had to call it quits in the middle of a broadcast last night and then I find out three guys are toughing through it in the middle of the hockey game, you know what I mean," said Justin Troop, manager of communications for the St. Charles Chill.

Harvest Lanes never had to close; the bowling alley is open for business.

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