DENVER, Colo. - Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill into law Sunday that will expand access to the state's medical marijuana program. That signing comes one week after a similar law passed in Missouri.

This all good news for local families whose children suffer from seizure disorders and had to move to Colorado for access to this marijuana extract.

The Jessee family never thought they'd have to move more than 800 miles from home.

"I was kind of like, that's pretty extreme. I don't want to leave my family and support system," SAID Genny Jessee.

But they ran to Denver with their 2-year-old daughter June after they say they ran out of options in St. Louis.

"We just thought instead of trying something that we tried and failed, we're going to try something new," said Genny.

After doing research, the Jessees learned of the Hope Foundation, one of Colorado's non-profit organizations that provides a form of medical marijuana called CBD oil. While other states, like Missouri have now legalized CBD, the Jessees have no plans on moving back anytime soon.

"Government does not move on a dime. It's going to take a while to get everything up and running but we'd like to move home and do this as soon as we can," said Matt Jessee.

It's only been a few months but the Jessees say the oil is working. The 40 seizures June was having every day is down to around five.

"As a father it's very rewarding to see that this is helping her," said Matt.

Now they hope they can bring that success and June back home.

Illinois and Missouri are now two of 23 states that allow the use of medical marijuana in the treatment of seizure disorders.

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