SALEM, Mo. (KSDK) – Phineas, the yellow lab who received a death sentence last year after allegedly biting a little girl will live to see another birthday.

A judge ruled Friday Phineas had not bitten before, and through expert testimony, determined the marks in question were not consistent with Phineas' teeth.

As a result, the judge decided Phineas will not be euthanized, and he has been ordered to be returned to his owners.

There is one small snag in the story. Phineas' exact whereabouts are unknown. He was stolen the weekend of Oct. 11 from the Dent County Veterinary Clinic, where he has been held since the June 2012 incident.

According to The Riverfront Times, the family received a letter after Phineas' dognapping, indicating he is a friend of Phineas and is keeping him safe.

Phineas' owners say they hope the person who says he has the dog will return him.

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