ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - Parents demand answers about how a struggling school district is going to turn around if it's bleeding money.

Wednesday night, state education leaders hosted a public meeting in the Riverview Gardens School District to talk about how to return the district to accredited status.

More than 200 students transferred from the district to Mehlville this year. Riverview is picking up the $20 million tab for their tuition and transportation. State education leaders say they have no authority over transfers. The state legislature does.

'We issued a set of guidelines, but the reality is these guidelines have no authority. They're not legally binding, and they really don't serve to protect their districts that are using them right now to implement the program," said Dr. Chris Nicastro.

The state board has recommended that the state legislature change the tuition calculations and that they make the board's guidelines legally binding.

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