CHARLACK, Mo. (KSDK) - A local police officer says he's been suspended after making alarming accusations against his own department.

He says you'll never believe how rape kits and police reports are being stored and he has cell phone video to prove it.

Now Charlack police officer Matt Tilley is fearful of losing his job.

He says before he was suspended he presented this to the board of alderman and the mayor in October - nine pages of concerns about the department in Charlack.

For a month and a half Charlack police officer Matt Tilley has been suspended with pay.

He says he doesn't know exactly why, but guesses its because of concerns he brought up to city officials.

"They have engaged in what appears to be retaliation, for bringing these concerns forward," Tilley said.

Not all city officials want him suspended or know why.

"I would like to see him put back to duty, we need him," says Mark Chamberlain, one of three alderman currently of a four alderman board.

He agrees that the issues brought up are severe including how and where evidence is stored.

Which according to Officer Tilley is in a small refrigerator.

"The problem is that this is in a central common kitchen within city hall," Tilley said. "We had a rape kit in there, something that important and they are just going to leave it sitting in there like that."

Since Tilley took pictures of his issues, officials say a lock is now securing the fridge.

Another concern - how records are kept in a trailer that Tilley says does have a lock but is not secure.

"You can see the four screws that are exposed, in two minutes anybody could get in there," says Tilley. "These are things that have people's names, dates of birth, social security numbers."

The Charlack city attorney would not comment on camera, but did say they can't talk about Tilley's suspension because it's a personnel issue.

There is another Board of Alderman meeting next Tuesday, where Tilley's employment is expected to be discussed. Right now the his fate lies in the hands of the board.