ST. LOUIS – Today is #GivingTuesday, and there's a unique way you can help others.

There's a website called Givver. You can register your information through the website, and quickly and easily give to any charity of your choice through Twitter.

All you have to do is tweet something like "I want to give $25 to" and then fill in the name of the charity of your choice. Use the hashtag #Give and the charity's Twitter handle. As long as you've already registered with Givver, they'll take it from there.

You do need to have a Twitter account to use Givver, and there are some small fees to process the gift. But, it is the brainchild of Chris Sommers and Tom Carnahan.

You might know Sommers from Pi restaurant right here in St. Louis. Because of the St. Louis connection, there are a ton of local charities that are already part of it.