ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Temperatures have already started to fall - causing outdoor holiday attractions to brace for the burst of winter weather.

Before this makes it to the St. Louis area, we found some out and about.

"I didn't want to come on the weekend and I didn't want to come in the snow," says Kay Cullen, at Santa's Magical Kingdom.

"The weather is supposed to be really bad after this so we figured this would be our best chance," says Diane Paz at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

"I'm from San Francisco, it feels pretty good to me," says skater Carter Hand at Steinberg Skating rink.

These places are not planning to shut down due to the winter storm, just to be prepared.

Santa's Magical Kingdom, where children's wishes come true and where adults can, well, at least wish for the best.

"We are hoping for a light snow or something to make this place look beautiful," says park owner Scott Jones.

Regardless of what falls from the sky, Santa's Magical Kingdom is ready. They have rarely closed in their 24 years and are ready to take care of the roads.

Same goes over at the new lights exhibit Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

There they have employees on standby ready to coat sidewalks and parking lots.

"I think it will be beautiful in the snow and St. Louisans are not afraid of the cold," says Katie O'Sullivan with the Missouri Botanical gardens.

Steinberg Skating Rink on the other hand is hoping for the drop in temps and zero precip, making for better ice.

"We spend time out here with the zamboni, scraping the ice and keeping it clean we don't want it to accumulate on the ice," says Chris Hendricks with the rink.

All of these attractions say they will be open tomorrow, unless its dangerous for visitors.

For more information:

Santa's Magical Kingdom:


Missouri Botanical Gardens:

(314) 577-5100

Steinberg Skating Rink:

(314) 367-7465