ST. LOUIS - According to the folks at, some of the biggest discounts of the year will come after the holiday.

If you're in the market for a brand name television, hold off. The new ones come out in January and that's when prices will drop on this year's models.

Fitness equipment. The best deals of the year will be seen next month - or over the summer.

Furniture. Manufacturers typically unveil new collections in February - then scramble to clear out old inventory.

Bargain hunters on the prowl for a new tablet or other gadgets should wait as well. The next wave of new gadgets should hit the market late January or early February - and this year's versions will go on sale then.

When it comes to clothes, think about buying the day after Christmas. That's when virtually every retailer will start slashing prices, hoping to lure post-Christmas shoppers.

And last of all: Christmas decorations. They're a hot item right now, but in just a couple of weeks, they'll be 50 to 75 percent off. And that's the time to snag 'em and save 'em for next year.