ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KSDK) - With only two weekends left of the holiday shopping season - the looming winter weather has retailers worried.

They can't seem to catch a break. Last weekend's storm and cold temps kept shoppers away and now this weekend doesn't look much better.

Downtown St. Charles can be a magical place for finding your holiday treasures and shopkeepers hope it stays that way.

"The snow if it's the right type will draw people down here to Main street," Scentchips employee Patricia Minutes said.

It really is a formula that retailers hope for when it comes to snow.

"Not three feet, couple inches maybe," said Vicky Hansen, owner of European Accents.

The looming forecast doesn't exactly call for the pretty white fluffy stuff.

Still this won't keep away determined shoppers like Denise Doner.

"Because I usually wait to shop, the weather really wouldn't stop me," Doner said.

She says forget going to big parking lots that could be a mess.

"It would keep me from the big big malls, and the big department stores but this is cozy," Doner said.

Last Saturday is normally one of the biggest weekends for holiday shopping and businesses on Main street say they were hurt by the bad weather.

"We did a little less than last year," Minute said.

"I think it was the cold weather that drove people off," Hansen said.

Retailers are still good at keeping a positive attitude.

"It's been good, not quite as good as last Christmas, but we still have hope," Hansen said.

Even when Mother Nature may be against them.

"Main street has a certain charm even in bad weather," Minute said.

These shop owners say they will be open despite the forecast, some will be open until 9 p.m.