(KSDK) -- The temperature gauge said 70, the calendar said December. Kristin Collins knew she had to get her running shoes and get in a run. She grabbed her dog Scout, but she this time she couldn't take baby Lucy. She was only a couple of blocks from her home near Pernod and Watson in South City when she noticed a pack of pitbulls charged out of a backyard, and straight at her and Scout. She said they escaped through a fence that isn't secure.

Collins said the dogs attacked her and Scout over and over. They beared down on Scout, pinned her against the ground and dug into her skin. The wounds were deep and painful. Collins said the dogs bit her legs and her fingers.

"There's 80 something puncture wounds and 25-30 stitiches (on Scout's body)" said Collins.

Collins said several people stopped to help but none of them could pull the dogs away until a man with a bat came running out of the bank parking lot where the dogs attacked Collins and Scout. Mike Emerson heard Collins screaming while he was inside the bank.

"I waded in and started swinging," said Emerson. He got the bat from one of his customers at his restaurant Pappy's Barbeque. He kept hitting the dogs until they backed away from Collins and Scout.

"The baseball bat is what saved my dogs life," said Collins.

She said she's worried the dogs could have rabies or they might hurt somebody else.

"I've known really good pit bulls but they acted as a pack," said Collins of the dogs.

Five on Your Side went to find more information about the owners of the dogs. We found a citation from Animal Control on the doorknob. We also left a message with their real estate agent. We also left messages for the alderman in the area Joe Vaccaro to find out if anything can be done about securing dogs behind proper fences. We are waiting for all of them to call us back.

"I'll go out and run but it's going to be a while before Scout goes and runs with me again," said Collins. She stroked Scout's head as she said "she's going to get a lot of loving right now,". Love may take away the fear, a little at a time.