ST. LOUIS - A local woman is out more than $2,000 after she was scammed.

The victim received an email claiming to be from Coca-Cola, asking her to put a decal on her van. They sent her a check, she deposited it, and now she owes the bank.

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office wants to warn others about this scam saying this is the first car decal scam they've ever seen.

"If someone gives you excess money when you are selling something or when you've entered into an agreement and they ask you to deposit that and then send them the balance ship the balance to someone else that's a very common scam," said Dan Rechtien, director of the Fraud Prevention Task Force.

The victim received an email from, which is a fake email address and not from Coca-Cola. Rechtien says had the email come from the company, the email address would have ended in

The email told the victim that she would get $400 a week if she put a logo decal on her 2003 minivan. She received a check for $2,250 that she deposited and was told to send all but $400 of it to an address in Arkansas, where her van would be wrapped.

After doing this, she never heard back from the company. The woman's bank realized the check was fake, but she is out the $2,250. Most victims in this situation never get their money back.

If you think you've been scammed, contact the Fraud Prevention Task Force at 314-612-1412.