Like millions of people across the country, Ben Kinsey said this time last year he needed to take control of his health.

"I decided I really need to get in shape and get fit," Kinsey says. "So my brother bet me that if I lost 100 pounds in the year 2013 that he'd take me on an all-inclusive ski trip to Colorado."

Then 300 pounds, Ben started working his way down to his current 190 pounds.

"I've been running. I haven't really done a lot of lifting. I run about a 5k every day. This summer we did a lot. We biked to the arch and some of the way back. We tried walking once before this summer."

He and his best friend Danny Volz tried to walk to the Arch from Wentzville before but didn't quite make it. On this Saturday, they started at the Daniel Boone Bridge in Chesterfield.

"I finally got there. I lost 111 pounds this year and decided to celebrate," says Kinsey.

"It's been great ever since the past year to see him trying and really working out every day. It's been encouraging to me too to diet better and watch what I eat," Volz says.

Kinsey tells us it wasn't easy getting down to 190.

"I'd always been bigger. I tried dieting off and on. But usually, I learned, diets don't work. It just has to be a lifestyle change. Trying to eat better, walk more, run every day."

He says if you make the resolution heading into 2014 to lose weight, he's proof that you can do it.

"It is possible. I think I am a living testimony that it's possible. It just takes a lot of work."

He shares a piece of advice for anyone trying to lose weight. He says there are going to be times, especially going through the holiday season that you may trip up a little. But you've just got to get back on the horse and keep going. It's worth it in the long run.