ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - Christmas came a few days late for the Parks family of St. Charles County. They got diapers for their infant son, dolls, remote control helicopters, clothes -- and mom and dad even got a new television.

"We were happy that we were all together as a family [on Christmas day]," Patricia Park saids. "We had dinner and everything together. So we were happy about that and we were thankful. But they understood that we didn't have any gifts for them."

This all started to fall into place the day after Christmas when deputies were called to the house for what they say was a domestic disturbance quite possibly over the stress of the holidays. Fast forward a few days, and here we are with the Parks family having Christmas on New Year's Day.

"I started speaking with the kids and asking if they had a good Christmas and a little girl told me that they didn't have Christmas this year and maybe they would do it another day," Deputy Stephanie Fisk said.

Deputy Fisk says it tugged at her all night and the next day she asked Corporal Scott Stricker to go in on some gifts with her for the family. A few calls later, there were donations coming in from all over the county.

"I never expected so many people to step up to the plate and help out kids that needed help," Fisk said.

Neither did Leevon Parks.

"It relieves a lot of stress," he says. "It makes everybody a lot happier. It takes a lot of pressure off. So we do appreciate it."

"That was everything that I hoped it would be. So it was a great experience," Fisk shared after all the gifts had been opened.

There were also gifts for a seventh child, a nephew who was at the house the day of the original call.

Along with the presents, the family got a few gift cards to help them out during this tough time.