ST. LOUIS COUNTY - St. Louis County crews have been working nonstop to cover their thousands of miles of roads. Most side streets are still snow packed, but have been pre-treated and plowed.

Most residential streets are still snow packed, but plows have hit them a couple of times. with the amount of snow that fell it will take several trips of a plow to break through to the pavement.

County highway department spokesperson David Wrone says they've hit most roads in the county that MoDOT doesn't treat. Now the plan through the Monday night is to continue to go over as many roads as possible. They have focused their attention on the main arterial streets, but also have plowed most residential streets.

Right now, his storm response team consists of 275 crews. Those men and women have been split into two different shifts working 12 hour days. They will work nonstop throughout the night and through Tuesday.

"You are dealing with a significant accumulation of snow, extremely bitter temperatures blowing wind so it's a major storm that we've responded to in a professional manner," says Wrone.

How you can help the plowing situation? Try to not park on the side of the road if all possible - that will help the plows get through on these residential streets.

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