ST. LOUIS – Non-profit dog rescue group the Gateway Pet Guardians rented a suburban Monday because there's no such thing as a snow day for them.

They said they needed four-wheel drive to rescue puppies and provide food for stray dogs that live in the Metro East. Dogs take refuge in the abandoned houses even though they don't provide much warmth.

They dropped off some dog bones for a few dogs who are considered "owned" but their owners don't let them come inside and left food for other dogs with no people.

Too bad a dog named Pokey wasn't home, this would have been his rescue day. When the Gateway Pet Guardians find fosters, they can rescue dogs from the streets.

Just down the street, a mom and her puppies were inside, but they had to find them first. They found the mom, but she was too quick and got away. The search for the puppies continued and there were found.

One puppy did not survive the frigid temps, but two did. They left food for the mom and will come back for her Tuesday.

As for the two female pups they found, no more roaming for them unless it's inside a clean, warm home.

You can help the Gateway Pet Guardians by fostering, donating or adopting. To do that, head to the Gateway Pet Guardians website.

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